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Tree stump close up in a coniferous forest

Protect Your Property by Scheduling Land Clearing When You Need It

Branches, old tree stumps, and overgrowth may seem like mere inconveniences and eye sores, but they can be a threat to your property. Land clearing is designed to remove foliage, unwanted obstacles, and any obtrusive plants, rocks, branches, and other objects you do not want in your yard.

While it has an aesthetic value, the greatest benefit of land clearing lies in preventing soil damage, protecting your yard, reducing the risk of pest infestations, and lowering your risk of fire hazards. With our professional land clearing services, you can protect your property and beautify it at once.

Heavy Overgrowth

Thick vegetation is a fire risk as well as a hotbed for pests. What’s more, having thick overgrowth can also sap the life out of the soil and prevent any plants you place on your property from thriving.

Dead or Dying Trees

Hollow, dead, or diseased trees pose a greater risk of falls that could cause personal injury and massive property damage. We can thoroughly remove them to make sure any risks to your home and family are completely removed.

Another reason to schedule dead tree removal is to prevent pests. Decaying foliage can also breed fungus, which can attract bugs to your property.

Drainage Problems

Do you notice water pooling in your yard or extremely damp soil that stays soggy for days after it rains? These can be caused by obstacles preventing proper water flow and drainage. Land clearing can address this concern and make your yard healthier.

Other Reasons to Schedule Land Clearing Services

In addition to the above warning signs, it’s a good idea to schedule land clearing when you’re planning for construction or landscaping on your property. It can be impossible to achieve your remodeling goals if you have trees and shrubs blocking the way.

Another perk of land clearing is that you will have less yard maintenance overall. Instead of being inundated with leaves, branches, and other pesky foliage, you can enjoy a clean, vibrant lawn that grows naturally and creates a beautiful outdoor environment.

In some cases, you may also need land clearing to improve safety. Tall grass can be not only an eyesore but also a hazard, as it impairs visibility. Fallen branches and tree stumps are easy to trip over, and they may even be lifted and thrown during storms with high winds.

Finally, land clearing is a good form of pest control. It can help reduce the presence of invasive species that threaten local wildlife habitats and destroy vegetation. Removing their food and shelter sources are the best way to stop them from affecting your property and the surrounding areas.

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