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Emergency Tree Service & Storm Damage in Medford, OR
Expert Tree Care In Southwest Oregon

The wild weather in Medford, OR can turn on a dime, bringing heavy winds and intense downpours that can cause serious storm damage. Don’t wait until it’s too late – hire a quality emergency tree service in Medford to ensure your property is safe and secure.

That’s why you can count on L&J Tree Service for storm damage and emergency tree service. With over three decades of combined experience and service to Jackson and Josephine counties, we are your local family-owned and operated tree service provider. We understand how unpredictable and extreme weather can be in Medford, OR and are prepared to provide you with the best in storm damage and emergency tree service. Our experienced professionals are equipped to handle any type of tree service you may need, from tree trimming and pruning to full tree removal. Call us at 541-502-3337 today to speak with one of our experts and get the tree care you need. We look forward to serving you!

Reliable Emergency Tree Service

If you need emergency tree service in Medford, L&J Tree Service has your needs covered. Our team of tree experts is available 24/7 to respond to any emergency tree service requirements. Whether a storm has caused a tree to fall on your property or there’s an overhanging large tree leaning dangerously towards your home, our skilled personnel can provide timely emergency tree service solutions and restore your property back to safety.

Our emergency tree service in Medford includes the removal of fallen trees, cutting away damaged branches, and reducing hazardous trees. We understand that emergency tree service needs can be overwhelming – that’s why our team of experts is available for you. Equipped with the latest tree cutting tools and techniques as well as years of experience, our staff will safely remove any hazardous trees from your property.

At L&J Tree Service, we understand the urgency of emergency tree service in Medford. That is why our team of tree experts is available 24/7 to respond to any emergency tree service needs you may have. With our help, you can get your property back up and running safely in no time. Contact us now for reliable emergency tree service in Medford!

What Is Included In Storm Damage?

Storm damage in Medford can take many forms and cause extensive destruction to homes, businesses, and trees. L&J Tree Service offers a comprehensive service for storm damage in Medford. Our knowledgeable team of tree experts can:

Storm damage to trees and buildings, downed power lines, uprooted and toppled trees and debris scattered across yards and streets can be devastating. Our team of tree experts can assess the storm damage caused to your trees and offer services like tree pruning, trimming and removal for you to restore your property and increase safety for yourself, family members and neighbors.

At L&J Tree Service, we understand the devastating effects of storm damage in Medford and the urgency to restore the area quickly and safely. Our team of tree experts can offer guidance and assistance with how best to repair damage to your property while helping prevent future storms from wreaking further havoc. Get in touch today to discuss what has caused your Medford storm damage and how we can assist!

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