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Smart Strategies for Cost-Effective Lot Clearing

Investing in lot clearing for your property can be a significant expense, but the final outlay depends on various factors. Whether the work is for commercial or residential needs, there are strategies you can use to keep costs down while still achieving the outcome your project requires. From efficient planning to eco-friendly choices, the following pointers can help you save money on your lot-clearing service.

Plan Efficiently

To avoid unnecessary work or additional clearing, thoroughly assess the lot before clearing work begins. Since the cost depends partly on how much land you need to have cleared, measure the acreage or square feet. Some services charge hourly rates, while others charge by the size of the area cleared.

Professional lot-clearing services typically remove trees, overgrown shrubbery, and debris. Then, if needed, they level the soil to accommodate a foundation, lawn, or other use you have planned. You can save money from the start by clearly defining the area to clear and the outcome you want.

Choosing the Right Provider

When a tree service quotes you a price for clearing your lot, they may consider different factors and charge more than a competitor. To save money, solicit bids from at least three different lot-clearing companies to find the most cost-effective option. Keep in mind that the cheapest provider is not always the right choice.

To save money on travel costs, choose an experienced provider that does their business locally. Local providers also know the regulations for your area, which can save you money by keeping your property in compliance. If your land is hilly or uneven, local providers will have the equipment and expertise to navigate the landscape. The hillier the ground, the larger the bill you will likely have to pay.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Gear your lot-clearing plan selectively and preserve certain trees to reduce costs. In some cases, native tree species are protected by local regulations, and you may be required to leave them in place. You can also save money by removing smaller trees and leaving larger ones intact.

Tree removal costs typically increase with the size and height of the tree. However, not all arborists classify trees similarly, so it’s worth getting a few estimates because the tree removal cost might vary.

Additionally, ask tree service companies what kind of recycling services they offer for cleared wood. Eco-conscious recycling involves processing wood into landscaping products, such as wood chips, instead of sending trees to a landfill.

Cleanup and Maintenance

Labor is one of the cost drivers for lot clearing, and you can save money on the project’s final phase by cleaning up the post-clearing vegetation and other debris yourself. If your local regulations require you to establish grass cover as part of your lot-clearing project, you may also take on this part yourself to save money. Consider scheduling post-clearing maintenance to prevent regrowth and other issues that could cost more money later.

Lot Clearing Is a Smart Investment

Using these cost-saving strategies, you can achieve a clear plot of land and move forward toward your goals without breaking the bank. Careful planning not only saves you money but also ensures success. Prepare your property in Medford, OR for your project by calling today to schedule land clearing service with the professionals at L&J Tree Service.