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Proper Pruning to Avoid Tree Damage

Trees are an important part of the ecosystem and add beauty to our property. Proper pruning techniques will keep your trees from becoming overgrown, and it can help prevent disease and damage. One of the most important things to do is to hire someone who knows proper practices and will not over-prune your trees.

Why and When to Prune

Trees have different needs and optimal times when it comes to pruning. Many types of trees should be pruned in late winter, which means late February through early March in most areas. Trees are still dormant at this time of year. Any wounds will close quickly once rapid new growth begins in a few weeks. This helps prevent disease from entering the wound.

Maintaining the tree for proper growth can help protect it from storm damage. It can help it to develop strong branches that are resistant to high winds. In the case of nut or fruit trees, it can help them to remain productive and develop fruits and nuts that are large and of high quality. A properly pruned tree also means more flowers in the spring and a better fall color.

Basic Pruning Tips

Pruning involves taking out any dead or diseased branches first. Next, you should prune any branches that cross others and could rub against them. You can also prune so that the tree has one vertical stem, and you can prune any side branches to promote the development of a proper canopy. One of the most important factors is that you do not prune too much of the tree during any one year.

Experienced pruners know how to properly space branches along the trunk. They also know how to prune the branch collar, which is where a smaller branch leaves a larger one. Another consideration if you decide to do it yourself is what to do with the branches and debris that were taken from the tree. You might want to have this ground into mulch. Another consideration to bear in mind is that removing large branches can be dangerous unless you have proper equipment.

Hire a Sustainable Tree Service

Having a professional tree service inspect your trees and give them proper pruning every year is the best way to keep them healthy. A company that practices eco-friendly, sustainable tree services has the health of your trees as a priority. If you need tree pruning, out team at L&J Tree Service in Medford, OR offers reliable trimming and pruning services that will help your trees remain beautiful and an important part of the ecosystem around your property for many years.