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5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Considering Lot Clearing in the Winter

Maintaining your home’s property requires more than maintaining your pipes, plumbing, and electrical work. As a homeowner, you will also need to take care of the exterior of your home, including your surrounding landscaping. If you are thinking of clearing your lot this winter to minimize the risk of wildfires or to prevent dead trees from falling directly onto your home, there are a few tips to remember before getting started.

1. Have a Plan in Place

If you live in an area with damp ground, you will need to turn to professionals who are well-equipped with winter landscaping equipment. Weather delays also have the potential to cause setbacks if you live in an area experiencing a harsh winter.

2. Remove Ice and Snow

Anytime you want to clear your lot in the winter, you will need to first prepare the surrounding land by removing any snow and ice that has built up on your property. This will make any tree stumps, bushes, and dead vegetation much easier to access once it is time to remove them from the area.

3. Assess Environmental Impact

Clearing an entire piece of land in the winter can have significantly different effects on the regional wildlife and environment than doing so during the spring or summertime. Working with professionals who are well-versed in lot clearing is always advisable to ensure you are choosing the right time to clear your land based on your needs and current surroundings.

4. Determine Ground Viability

Depending on the type of weather you’ve received this winter, you may also need to take your ground’s viability and softness into consideration. If the ground is too soft from rain, snow, and dampness, or if it is frozen solid, you may need to work with contractors who have specialized equipment designed for trickier terrain.

5. Create a Vegetation Plan

Creating a plan to manage the vegetation in your yard and on your property is key, especially once you begin working with those who specialize in residential lot clearing. Whether you intend to remove dead and dying vegetation, such as trees and shrubs, or if you want to minimize storm hazards and the risk of wildfires, professionals can assist with creating a working vegetation removal plan.

If you’re thinking of eliminating dead trees, brush, or surrounding vegetation from your lot during the winter, turning to the professionals is often the best route to take. Reach out to L&J Tree Service in Medford, OR for traditional land clearing and fire fuel reduction in high-risk areas.