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Professional gardener pruning a tree

Doing Your Own Basic Tree Maintenance

Keeping the trees on your property healthy starts with observation. When they’re fully leafed out, look for leaves that are browning or branches with no leaves. If you can easily reach them, removing dead branches can be good for your tree.

Invest in the Right Tools

The first tool to use when trimming your own trees is a sharp pair of loppers. Once you have a good pair, make sure you keep them clean after each pruning. Wash them with soap and water, and then apply a bit of lubricant to keep them from rusting. Sharpen them before the start of the pruning season.

A pruning saw on a pole may also be necessary. It’s important to test these tools before you put them to work. By putting your saw on a pole, you greatly increase the weight you have to manage. If your upper body strength is lacking, or if your grip is not strong, you may be better off hiring an arborist to cut away tall branches.

Use Safety Gear and Precautions

You’ll need a good pair of gloves before you start or you may develop blisters as you work. Safety glasses will keep you from getting sawdust in your eyes, and a good hat will protect you from excess sun. Always wear close-toed shoes when trimming trees. Long pants and a long-sleeved shirt will also reduce your risk of scratches and scrapes.

If you’re considering investing in a chainsaw, proceed with care. Chainsaws are incredibly powerful tools, but if you can’t handle the weight or the power, they can be extremely dangerous. A small electric saw may be a great starter tool. Consider also investing in a pair of chatter-reducing gloves to protect your hands, wrists, and forearms from becoming exhausted with the work.

Many things can go wrong when you start removing branches. One of the simplest ways to protect yourself is to avoid leaving debris on the ground. When you remove a branch, get it out of your way. In the event that a branch breaks off as you’re cutting it, you need to be sure that you can drop your saw and run. Keep the ground around your feet clean and clear so you can move quickly.

Know Your Limits

With the right tools and safety gear, there’s no reason not to try basic tree maintenance on your own. Avoid any work that has to be done on a ladder or any trimming around power lines. Protect yourself and your property by contacting us at L&J Tree Service in Medford, OR for any trimming and pruning tasks that are beyond your skill set. Our professionals can also help you monitor your trees for pest or fungal infestation.