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Explore the Advantages and Disadvantages of Trimming Trees in Hot Weather

Trimming and pruning trees is necessary to maintain their health and keep people and property safe. If you find that you must trim any of your trees this summer, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages and consult with a local arborist for help.

Pros of Summer Tree Trimming

Trimming trees in summer can be easier due to the heightened visibility of potential issues. For example, if your oak trees are infected with a fungus or a bacterium, you may not see it until the leaves turn brown. Furthermore, insects are more active during this time. If arborists spot any during trimming, they can apply targeted solutions to get rid of them and prevent them from compromising your trees.

Trees will heal quickly after trimming when the weather is hot. This is because their growth is at its peak. Quick healing will reduce the chances of developing diseases.

Hot weather also means that conditions will be dry, which will enable arborists to work without the risk of slipping and falling. The chances of the ground being wet are significantly less, and the risks associated with snow and ice will not be present.

Warmer temperatures can make branches and limbs more flexible, and this makes them easier to prune and manipulate. This can be advantageous when shaping or training young trees or when conducting more extensive pruning operations.

Trimming trees during this time of year will vigorously stimulate new growth. This will not only promote optimal health, but it will also make trees look aesthetically appealing in the long run.

Cons of Summer Tree Trimming

Hot weather can make working outdoors dangerous for arborists. Workers need to wear heavy clothing and work boots when trimming trees, which can lead to overheating throughout the day. They’ll need frequent breaks and plenty of water.

Tools can also succumb to high temperatures. Lubricants, such as chainsaw oil, may break down and put extra stress on a hard-working saw or a blade that needs to stay lubricated. The tools can malfunction and potentially cause harm. Be prepared for your crew to stop so tools can cool down.

A tree that has all its leaves may be vulnerable to high winds; leaves create wind resistance and may cause more motion of large branches. If you need to get any branches trimmed around power lines or near structures, the entire project may be delayed by high winds.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of trimming and pruning trees during hot weather, you can make a well-informed decision and plan your project accordingly. If your trees need trimming and pruning and you reside in or near Medford, OR, contact us at L&J Tree Service for a consultation.