Promote Biodiversity By Taking Out Dying or Poorly Placed Trees

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There are many trees and shrubs that you can plant to make your yard more inviting to wildlife. A failing tree can also attract wildlife, but a dying tree can invite pests and destructive insects and animals. If your property includes a tree that is in poor shape, removing it may give you many benefits. […]

Explore the Advantages and Disadvantages of Trimming Trees in Hot Weather

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Trimming and pruning trees is necessary to maintain their health and keep people and property safe. If you find that you must trim any of your trees this summer, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages and consult with a local arborist for help. Pros of Summer Tree Trimming Trimming trees in summer can be […]

Proper Pruning to Avoid Tree Damage

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Trees are an important part of the ecosystem and add beauty to our property. Proper pruning techniques will keep your trees from becoming overgrown, and it can help prevent disease and damage. One of the most important things to do is to hire someone who knows proper practices and will not over-prune your trees. Why […]